Raun Meyn is a professional artist and craftsman in Chicago’s eclectic Southside Bridgeport neighborhood. 

From a young age, Raun has been drawn to designing, building and making. His first lessons in welding and woodworking came from his father and grandfather, before the age of 10.

Into adulthood, he never lost the desire to create. After earning a degree in design, he moved to Chicago and started his own woodworking studio called FoundRe: Furnishings. It has evolved over the years from a simple garage workshop in 2009, to a Wicker Park storefront in 2013, and now to its current industrial space on the River Level of the Bridgeport Arts Center.

His work consists of functional forms designed with thoughtful awareness to balance, proportion, texture and tone. Current works include: dinning tables, end tables, wall art, lighting, credenzas, media cabinets, bookcases and shelving.  

Raun has an eye for spatial relationships and keen attention to detail and quality. His hunger for character and contrast find him digging for unique and unconventional materials to help expand his designs.

The incessant ideas and commitment to create combined with continual custom work from clients propels him to keep designing, building, and making.